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Al Quseir old house wall (a sign of a Hadj)

The resort of Al Quseir is one of the most historical cities in the Red Sea. It has its unique architectural style of stone houses and wooden windows overlooking the seaside promenade. The resort is tranquil and secluded for those seeking relaxed holiday. It is endowed with impressive coral reefs making it a destination sought after by divers. Its location near the Eastern Desert offers a number of great activities.

Most of the entertainment in the tranquil town of Al Quseir revolves around the water sports and diving. The historic town can be interesting to hang about in with the dozens of shops selling handicrafts and souvenirs. Offshore, visit the tectonic island of Zabargad, a geological phenomenon which is also famous as the source of the semi-precious gem olivine, mined here from 1500 BC until the mid-20th century. A ruined Temple of Semiramis is near the modern town and, inland, there are the remains of the emerald mines of Wadi Sakait, which were worked from pharaonic to Roman times. From Peridot Hill there are breathtaking views of the surrounding blue lagoons, rich in marine life and home to many dolphins.

old streets of Al Quseir

Land Activities
From Al Quseir relish the boundlessness of the desert with its breathtaking views and landscapes through visiting typical Bedouin settlements to see the primitive Bedouin life with the possibility of having dinner under the millions of stars at night.For those who like safari a day trip desert safari or Hiking and trekking the desert is also possible provided that you are directed by an expert guide. Hotels at Al Quseir provide a wide range of sports such as tennis, volley ball, table tennis, water gymnastics and aerobics. Most resorts have animation teams to keep their guests always entertained.

Water Activities
The well preserved coral reefs near the coasts of Al Quseir makes it a good spot for practicing diving and snorkeling to explore the beauty of underwater life. However the area abides to strict environmental regulations to preserve the fragile coral reefs from damage.


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